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June 25: Really Really Free Market at the Congo Square Market

Share Tompkins’ second Really Really Free Market is part of the Congo Square Market! Food, books, electronics, clothes – EVERYTHING in the RRFM area is free. Bring what you can, take what you need. The more we can provide for one another locally, the closer we are to sustainability!

Friday, June 25, 4-8pm
Southside Community Center
305 S. Plain St. Ithaca

The Congo Square Market takes place 4-8pm every Friday through September 3rd and features live local music & dancing, visiting with friends and vendors selling food, instruments & more. Vendor fees and fruit and vegetable stand proceeds support Southside and the Congo Square Market.

There will be live music from Jorge Cuevas & the Caribe Jazz All-Stars!

RSVP on Facebook
Southside Community Center website

Named for the famous Congo Square in New Orleans, the market honors African-American history. In the early days of US slavery, recently enslaved African peoples and others could gather in Congo Square for music, dance, and stories. The Ithaca Congo Square Market is a project of Southside Community Center, Ithaca Youth Bureau’s, Paul Scheurs Memorial Program, and Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Whole Community Project.

Please spread the word even if you can’t come!


Photos: One Year Anniversary Picnic and Organizers’ Meeting

We had a really fun time eating yummy potluck food, playing frisbee and other games, and talking about our goals for the coming year. Stay tuned for more details on our next event, a Really Really Free Market as part of the Congo Square Market at Southside Community Center on June 25th.

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One Year Anniversary Picnic and Organizers Meeting

Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 6-8:30pm
Washington Park, Ithaca
At the corner of Park Place and W Buffalo St

It’s been one year since we started Share Tompkins! We’re having a potluck picnic to celebrate and to plan for the coming months of events including a Really Really Free Market on June 25th.

Feel free to come hang out even if you don’t want to participate in the organizers’ discussion đŸ™‚

Please bring…
– Some food and/or drink to share
– A blanket
– A plate or bowl, cup, silverware and a cloth napkin
– Frisbee or any other games to play
– Musical instruments

If it’s raining, we’ll be at 212 N. Plain St. #1.

Hope to see you there!

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Get Ready for Gardening – Swap Meet #8

Come to our February swap meet at Cornell Cooperative Extension to get ready for spring gardening! All goods and services are fair game for giving away and bartering, but we’re especially interested in hooking people up with gardening tools and information!

Sunday, February 28
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Room B
615 Willow Ave., Ithaca, NY

Here are some things to bring and look for:

Seeds, Plants
Hand tools, long tools
Large/expensive tools to be shared (like those huge soil-loosening forks)
Trays, Watering Cans, Containers for growing in
Baskets, Buckets
Reading Material
Space for starting seedlings
Space for growing in the ground
Outlets for extra food
Consolidation/division of growing (then trading) for larger crops
Advice, Consultation
Work parties, garden prep/maintenance/harvest help
Interest-specific contact info
and much more…

Information and activities will be available from the following experts:

CCE Master Composters
Ithaca Freeskool
High Point Farms CSA
Dancing Turtle Farm
Northern Light Roots and Shoots

Hope to see you there!

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Food security in America: Are we learning to share?

The New York Times tells us this week that 1 in 8 Americans (and 1 in 4 children) is on food stamps. Let’s just let that sink in for a second. That’s a lot of people who need food. That’s us, that’s our neighbors – not just statistics.

The NY Times thinks the stigma around receiving nutrition assistance is fading, but Gawker has written an insightful follow-up pointing out that the comments on the Times article and even quotes in the article itself reveal that there is still a lot of shame and shaming going on when it comes to hunger in America. Here’s yet another piece from the Huffington Post about elders using food pantries that touches on these issues.

Meanwhile, Times of India reports that Americans throw away 40% of food. What is going on America?

Some of us are so hungry that, even if it shames us (though it’s this author’s opinion that there should be no shame in receiving, just as there is no shame in giving), we are seeking assistance to feed ourselves and our families. Others are in need and haven’t reached out for help, trying to make do on their own and suffering.

And yet, others of us are worried that hungry folks are leeching off the system, that they aren’t working hard enough, that they should be shamed into getting off the assistance they need so much. And we’re throwing away food, instead of giving it to those who are going without.

Despite this lingering us-them shame game, the fact that the media is having this conversation, and that people are signing up for assistance in record numbers, could just mean that America is learning to share. Maybe we’re finally discovering together that we have enough food, and that no one should go hungry, and that we can solve this problem – we just have to act like helpful neighbors, not spiteful enemies.

As these articles show, any of us can go hungry and need help. It’ll serve us all better if we can remember that and treat others as we would like to be treated. My mom taught me that (and how to share) when I was a little kid. If little kids can obey the golden rule, and share their toys, adults should be setting a good example and doing the same with food.

What are your thoughts about sharing food? Have you seen hunger in Tompkins County? Have you or people you know gone hungry? Have you helped out at Loaves and Fishes, or participated in food reclamation / waste reduction? How can our community ensure that no one goes hungry – how can we share better? Please leave a comment below.

Holiday Swap at Southside Community Center Dec. 12

Our seventh Community Swap Meet is all about the holidays. What better way to get unique gifts for everyone on your list than to share and barter for crafts, services and other goodies?! This event is hosted and co-sponsored by the Southside Community Center.

Holiday Community Swap Meet
Saturday, December 12, 4-7pm
Southside Community Center
305 S. Plain St, Ithaca, NY 14850

RSVP on Facebook:

You can post haves/wants to the Share Tompkins email list:

All are welcome to bring stuff to swap. You can expect to find:
One-of-a-kind fabric collage sweatshirts by Lea Elleseff
Photo prints by Frank Muller
Hand-knitted hats and cozies by Shira Golding
Personalized button-making by Ari Moore
And much more!

What to bring:
– Food: teas, baked goods, jams, chocolate, etc.
– Body Care: tinctures, soaps, creams, etc.
– Handmade Crafts: ceramics, candles, art, etc.
– Stuff: electronics, housewares, books, etc.
– Services: massage, yoga, music lessons, etc.
– Bags, boxes and carts to take stuff home in

– Our goal is sustainability – please bring stuff that is locally-grown or made from local materials
if possible, but anything is welcome!
– Be prepared to take back home with you whatever you don’t end up bartering or giving away. Left-over items will be donated appropriately.
– Please bring stuff that is in good condition or can be easily-repaired – no junk!

Please spread the word even if you can’t come!

Swapping Video Documentation for Produce

Josh and Jeci organize monthly open mics/slams for Ithaca Area Poets. They’re applying for a local arts grant and thought having a video of one of their events might strengthen their submission. So they asked me to make a 5-minute piece and in exchange they hooked us up with many beautiful baskets of fruits and veggies. Yay for swapping! Here’s the video and the veggies – I hope they get the grant!


Want to share your swapping stories on the Share Tompkins blog? Contact us!

Photos from Swap Meet #4

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Share Tompkins on, one of the most popular websites about environmental issues, recently invited readers to send in photos of their edible container gardens. Since Ari and I were able to get everything we needed for our container garden through Share Tompkins swap meets, we sent in some photos and told TreeHugger about how we are sharing resources in Ithaca, and they linked to the site – yay!

Share Tompkins on TreeHugger!

Share Tompkins on TreeHugger!

Learning to Make Pumpkin Cheesecake with the Ithaca Freeskool Vegan Cooking Skillshare

Thanks for teaching us the recipe, Sharon!

Join us for the next class, every other Wednesday beginning June 3rd at 6pm. Check out the Facebook group for the latest info.

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