Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Tools and Construction


  • Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc. – “an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the Finger Lakes region benefit from reuse” – they have a ReUse Center (prices are 50% – 90% off retail prices), and coordinate volunteer deconstructions of buildings so much of the materials can be reused; check out their wishlist for hard-to-find items and the Ithaca Fixers Collective
  • Significant Elements – “A program of Historic Ithaca begun in 1991 to promote the reuse of architectural elements when the demolition of a building cannot be otherwise prevented. We provide an avenue for the reuse of such materials, and through our activities promote restoration and reuse instead of demolition.”
  • Ithaca Generator – “a Makerspace, a place for inventors, crafters, designers, engineers and artists to come together and share resources, ideas and projects. We provide workshop space, tools, classes and social opportunities for makers in the local community.”


  • DaveZillion – ” connects people who need an extra set of hands in order to get something done. DaveZillion makes it easy to build your own network with your neighbors. The ToolShare allows members to share their tools.
  • ifixit – “We help thousands of people repair their devices every day. Why do we do it? Because Apple doesn’t provide repair parts and documentation to end users. We believe everyone should have the right to maintain and repair their products, whether or not they are made by Apple.”


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