Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Trade Networks



  • You Have I Want – “Our goal is to make it easier for people to find each other for small person-to-person transactions/exchanges. We all use online classifieds for this purpose and they work quite well, but they haven’t really evolved much in the last decade. So YHIW attempts to address some of the short-comings with a trust based system that does real-time matching and offers text message capabilities.”
  • GiftFlow – “a community where you can get involved by getting things you need for free and finding people who need the stuff you have to give away. GiftFlow connects community organizations, businesses, governments and neighbors into a giant network of reciprocity, where they can share resources, meet each others’ needs and coordinate their efforts to build a better world.”
  • NeighborGoods – Brand new local sharing site, still being developed
  • Freebootr – “Post, search and locate free items near you and give them a new life”
  • SwapThing – swapping
  • Commuto – bartering
  • FreeUse Network – local message boards to facilitate sharing (none listed for this area as of Sept. 2009)
  • BorrowingCircle – small local networks of neighbors who share with each other; you can borrow three items at a time
  • neighBORROW – “The site provides members of local networks access to a collective online catalog of the items they each own individually.”
  • feral trade import-export – “a live shipping database for a freight network running outside commercial systems” (uses couriers, not local)
  • – “focused on helping people get rid of the things they No Longer Need and trading (or selling) it for things that they want.”
  • Bright Neighbor – “Bright Neighbor’s effective combination of community involvement and social tools helps local governments, communities, faith groups, and businesses increase livability, sustainability, and relocalization while simultaneously improving local economies.”
  • OurSwaps – “OurSwaps is the simplest and easiest way to swap online. We spent a lot of time and energy researching and creating a seamless swapping environment that allows you to swap online in the same way that you would at a swap meet, garage sale or market- including the ability to barter and exchange in multiple ways” Costs $1 per swap.
  • Closest Closet – “Find the closest neighborhood closet with what you need. You share ten items or skills with classified ads, then access everything shared. Connect with neighbors to save money, have more, waste less, barter and trade, and buy local!”
  • U-Exchange – “Trade Anything, Pay Nothing. U-Exchange is the Largest Swap Site that specializes in every type of trade. No barter currencies or commissions taken on trades. Contact, post and swap with other members.” They charge for certain kinds of trades.
  • Zilok – “Rent anything, On-line! Rentals from Businesses and Individuals.”
  • – “The first marketplace where everything is free. This is a non-profit demonstration implementation of much of our technology.”
  • USwapIt – “books, CDs, DVDs, video games, sporting goods, electronics, anything that you have to trade.”
  • Share Some Sugar – “helps you find someone in your neighborhood or group of friends who is willing to lend or rent you something that you need.”
  • StreetBank – “a website that allows you to see all that your neighbours are giving away or lending. It’s a giant attic, garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, library and DVD collection for you and anyone living within one mile of your home.”
  • Resilience Circles – “small groups where people come together to increase their personal security through learning, mutual aid, social action, and community support.”
  • Open money – “The purpose of the open money project is to bring together and organize the people and resources necessary for the development and propagation of open money ‘a means of exchange freely available to all’ everywhere”
  • ecofreek – “searches over 45+ websites and 10,000 libraries worldwide for free and swappable items being given away by people who no longer need them.”
  • TaskRabbit – become a TaskRabbit (or hire one); a way to connect people who need things done with people who want to get paid for small jobs
  • Zaarly – another micro-job site, where you can list jobs or sign up to take on jobs
  • SwapStorm – “a FREE resource that allows you access to others that are willing to TRADE goods and services.”

3 thoughts on “Trade Networks

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  3. jmckervey on said:

    Gear Around Here was created for anyone who believes in or want to partake in the sharing economy. The goal is to build a network of communities, coming together with a shared purpose in mind – to reuse and reduce our footprint by sharing outdoor gear.

    Here’s who’s involved, you (the owner of an item), a renter (someone who wants to rent or borrow your item) and Gear Around Here. The website has been designed to be an online marketplace for you to advertise your ‘rather nice’ backpack or 8 person tent, or fancy sleeping cot and any other great outdoor gear that you don’t mind sharing or renting within the GAH network. Trust and integrity are really the heart and soul of Gear Around Here.

    To get started, think about what you have that others may want to rent. Maybe you have a fancy 10 person tent or a backpack that can haul food & gear for 15 days. We’re sure those cost you an arm, a leg and then some. Get a list and pictures of the outdoor gear that you have and list it on GAH. List just one item, or list them all; the choice is up to you! Right down to how much it costs to “rent” the item and when it’s available. By adding in when the item is available, you have the flexibility to block out dates when you know you will be using the item, say for a family camping trip or a trek in the Alps, but it’s still available for those who would really love to use it for an adventure.

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