Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Community and Education


  • Ithaca Freeskool – “Brings people together to equalize the distribution of knowledge and confidence with an emphasis on skills and issues of local importance.”
  • Ithaca Public Education Initiative – “facilitates community connections and support for students and teachers of the Ithaca City School District through engagement, collaboration, gifts, and grants.”
  • – “an online networking resource for permaculture students, practioners and their projects”; see also Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute for sliding scale classes (some scholarships available)
  • Sew Green – “community gatherings, free and open to all, where sewing and needlecraft enthusiasts can share ideas and advice”
  • – “an emerging local citizen’s initiative that embraces the necessity of preparing for the significant cultural shift taking place as we move into a post-carbon world” – articles, workshops
  • Sustainable Tompkins – events, discussion list, minigrants
  • TCLocal – “researching various aspects of energy descent in Tompkins County and writing up a preliminary plan for each aspect based on purely local challenges and resources”
  • IthacaNet – “Dedicated to increasing the awareness of, access to, and content on the Internet – by, for, and about the people of Tompkins County, New York.”
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County
  • Green Resource Hub – sustainability seminars (suggested donation $5)
  • Human Service Coalition Listserv – “share information with the entire non-profit community quickly, easily, and at no cost” – job and class listings, info on community programs
  • Women’s Community Building – events, meeting space, community library, certified commercial kitchen for caterers and small scale food processors
  • Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) – advocacy and “multicultural, educational and recreational programs focused on social and individual development… structured employment training opportunities for at risk youth and adults”
  • Multicultural Resource Center – “information, contacts, support, workshops, books, tapes and cultural celebrations”
  • Southside Community Center – lectures, camp, media arts program, low-cost animal care clinic, computer lab, cultural events
  • Dreaming The World – Ithaca – “an online space that can act as a Hub for all the separate progressive groups, issues and activities that are happening in Ithaca, NY and beyond. It would be a place to post and find links, action alerts, ideas and a calendar of events. It could be a place to discuss strategy and develop connections across identity groups for united action. United for a Sustainable, Equitable World.”
  • Southside Community Center – lectures, camp, media arts program, low-cost animal care clinic, computer lab, cultural events
  • Freebay For Us – “a website where you can donate goods and services to the Ithaca City School District and where school employees can request needed items.”
  • Human Services Coalition 2009 Tompkins County Meeting Space Directory – A comprehensive guide of places available for free or rental, useful if you’re planning to hold a meeting or class
  • Sustainability Events Google Calendar – “Margaret Keating maintains this calendar of events related to sustainability including lectures/presentations, movie screenings, volunteer opportunities, etc. and most (but not all) of them are free.”


  • The Importance of The Commons – trade and share intellectual property (video)
  • Organic Volunteers – “Educational exchanges in sustainability”
  • – “strategies for sustainable living beyond capitalism”
  • Home Elephant – “The world’s first app for neighbors to connect. Instantly create and share neighborhood alerts, chat with your neighbors, and get to know the people around you.”

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