Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Get Involved

Get updates and come to events. Join our email list or our Facebook group to find out about upcoming swap meets and other events, and discuss ways to share resources.

Post your haves and wants online. Need something? Have something to offer? You can create a profile and post offers and requests on Swidjit.

Contribute to our resources directory. Do you know of a great way for people in Tompkins County to share, barter, or get stuff for free or very low cost? Know of an organization or service that could help people live more richly for less money? Contribute to the resources directory. We need your knowledge and ideas to help make this page useful to the community.

Help us get the word out. Feel free to print and distribute any of our outreach materials. We’re also very grateful for any blog and Facebook posts, Tweets, and press coverage. Questions? Please contact us.

Join a working group. If you’d like to contribute to the site or help organize and promote Share Tompkins events, contact us.

Host a Swap Meet or Really Really Free Market. Share Tompkins events have been held in family homes, warehouses, community buildings and even on The Commons. It can be handy to host an event when you have a lot of stuff at your home or business that you want to give away or barter. Contact us if you can help out! Read the article How to Throw a Community Swap Meet on

Tell your story. Have you arranged a great swap lately? Are you a freecycler? Maybe you’ve participated in a barn raising or a childcare collective? We’re looking for folks who can blog or write articles about sharing in Tompkins County. Contact us!

Share your photos and videos. If you have media related to Share Tompkins or to sharing more generally in Tompkins County, please post them in our Flickr group and consider sharing them with a Creative Commons license.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Chris Edwards on said:

    Hello, I have been active in some of the other events and groups here in Ithaca.
    I live in Syracuse and would be interested in starting this event in Syracuse.
    It is such a great event and opportunity for the community to come together.

  2. sharetompkins on said:

    Glad you dig it! I bet Syracuse would be a great place to try holding an event like this. All we did before we started was put up fliers and hold a meeting, to find other people to help make it happen. That’s where our core group of volunteers came from – we’ve been going strong ever since!

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