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Goodbye GoGoVerde, Hello Swidjit

Since starting Share Tompkins over two years ago we have experimented with different web-based tools for communicating people’s haves and wants between our in-person events. There has been an explosion of websites aimed to help people share and swap and we have been testing many of them and listing them all in our directory.

About eight months ago we got excited about and encouraged folks to join us in creating an active Ithaca group on their site. At that time, we didn’t anticipate, an Ithaca-based enterprise which has since launched. We got really excited about Swidjit but weren’t sure how people would feel who are already invested in GoGoVerde. However it is now a moot point because yesterday I received an email from the GoGoVerde folks announcing that their site is shutting down on September 18.

So…let’s all get on Swidjit and help it reach a critical mass! Join here:

More about Swidjit from creator Alex Colket


Video: Portland’s Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries

Inspiration from Portland – let’s start a tool sharing library in Ithaca!

Wed 9/15: Organizers’ Meeting

Share Tompkins Organizers' Picnic/One-Year Celebration

Like sharing? All are welcome to come to this organizers’ meeting to plan for the next few months of Share Tompkins events. We’ll also discuss strategies for reaching new people, partnering with other groups and generating press.

Wednesday, September 15, 7-9pm
212 N. Plain St. #1, Ithaca, NY 14850

Feel free to bring snacks (vegan) or drinks to share.

If you’d like to get involved but can’t come to the meeting, let us know!

RSVP for the event on Facebook.

See you there!

Sept 25: Give Your Stuff Away Day

September 25 is Give Your Stuff Away Day

Mike Morone of North Chili, NY has declared September 25 a day for citizens nationwide to give away stuff they don’t need by putting it out on their curb. It’s kind of like a Really Really Free Market but spread out across the community.

This seems like a great idea but also a big potential mess! From our experience at RRFMs, people are eager to get rid of stuff, which is great, but less eager to bring stuff back into their home if it doesn’t get scooped up. One thing that the organizers suggest is contacting your local government to provide and endorsement. Another good strategy would be reaching out to local charitable organizations to come by the day after to collect remaining items.

Learn more about the project at and Facebook, and get in touch if you’re planning on participating in Tompkins County!

Help name a new sharing platform!

From Steve Austin:

We need your help choosing a name for our Share Network tool. What is a Share Network? A Share Network is a system where users can exchange goods and services in a currency other than money. Our system will allow users to sign up, name their Share Network, determine the value and unit of exchange of their currency and invite friends to join and start trading.

Some examples of possible Share Networks include:
* A community garden – members earn work credit, redeem for vegetables
* A Food Coop – members earn work credit for shopping privileges
* Community Organization – volunteers earn credits, redeemable for space rental
* Coffee Shop – customers earn rewards for bringing their own cup, redeemable for discounts
* Local dance studio – tracks attendance and offers reward discounts.
* Summer program – track credits earned from participation, redeemable for Popsicles.

Please help us narrow our choices and if you wish, enter another possible suggestion in the last option. Fill out the form online.

Thanks for your help!

One Year Anniversary Picnic and Organizers Meeting

Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 6-8:30pm
Washington Park, Ithaca
At the corner of Park Place and W Buffalo St

It’s been one year since we started Share Tompkins! We’re having a potluck picnic to celebrate and to plan for the coming months of events including a Really Really Free Market on June 25th.

Feel free to come hang out even if you don’t want to participate in the organizers’ discussion đŸ™‚

Please bring…
– Some food and/or drink to share
– A blanket
– A plate or bowl, cup, silverware and a cloth napkin
– Frisbee or any other games to play
– Musical instruments

If it’s raining, we’ll be at 212 N. Plain St. #1.

Hope to see you there!

RSVP on Facebook

Organizers Meeting/Share Tompkins in Ithaca Journal again!

We were in the Ithaca Journal again! This time for getting a Sustainable Tompkins mini-grant:
Sustainable Tompkins awards $1,810 in grants

Here’s an excerpt:

Sustainable Tompkins recently awarded quarterly mini-grants totaling $1,810 to four community projects that encourage local self-reliance, strengthen neighborhood connections and promote long-term community well-being. The donor-supported program has distributed $10,270 to 25 projects since 2008. Mini-grants awarded this week were…

$410 to Share Tompkins for publicity expenses of the monthly Swap Meets and creation of an on-line directory. Share Tompkins began in May as a grassroots initiative that aims to build community self-reliance by facilitating the sharing and bartering of local goods and services. Swap Meets help residents save money while reducing the county’s environmental footprint by lowering potential pollution generated by production and transportation of new imported goods. Share Tompkins is run entirely by volunteers. Shira Golding, a co-founder, is [a] contact person for these increasingly popular Swap Meets.

Help us spend the grant money by coming to the organizers meeting tonight!

From McKenzie…

Thanks to all of you who were part of making Saturday’s Really Really Free Market a huge hit! Share Tompkins relies on the participation of all of you to keep us going. We ask that you please provide input as we prepare our next Share Tompkins swap meet in February! Whether you’ve helped organize a meet before, or have never even attended one, you’re invited to help!

Our meeting will be held on:
Thursday, February 4, 2010
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Danielle and Greg’s house, 322 S. Geneva St.

Everyone is invited to take part in the organizational process. We have a lot of decisions to make, like where and when the meet will be, if it will be centered on bartering or be another successful free market, and how to best promote the event.

Come share your ideas for continuing to make Share Tompkins a valuable community resource!!

As always, feel free to bring snacks, too!

RSVP on Facebook.

Child Care Needs and Preferences Survey

Sue Dale-Hall, the Executive Director of Ithaca’s Child Development Council, writes, “We need your help to distribute our child care survey to families and friends with children 13 and under. This survey will help us get a community-wide view of parents needs and preferences. Thank you for your assistance. Questions? Call me at 607-273-0259.” Please help us to pass this on – and answer the survey yourself if you’re a caregiver!

The CDC’s mission is “promoting the healthy development of children and families at home, in child care and in the community.”

Parents – We want to know your thoughts about child care. Our on-line survey of your needs and preferences will take about 10 minutes. Your responses to questions about how you found and pay for child care will help us plan to better meet the needs of you and your children.

Please use the link below to access the survey, or visit our website at You may also request a paper copy by calling 607-273-0259 or visiting us at 609 West Clinton Street.

Child Care Needs and Preferences Survey

Resources list is up

The new Resources page is up! The idea is to provide quick access to local resources and services (and less-local but still locally-useful websites) that can help us all to find things for free, share and barter, and otherwise meet our needs in equitable and affordable ways. This page is a starting point – it needs your knowledge to help make it a useful guide.

Please check it out and leave comments on the page to tell us about the things we’ve missed. Thanks!

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