Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Goodbye GoGoVerde, Hello Swidjit

Since starting Share Tompkins over two years ago we have experimented with different web-based tools for communicating people’s haves and wants between our in-person events. There has been an explosion of websites aimed to help people share and swap and we have been testing many of them and listing them all in our directory.

About eight months ago we got excited about and encouraged folks to join us in creating an active Ithaca group on their site. At that time, we didn’t anticipate, an Ithaca-based enterprise which has since launched. We got really excited about Swidjit but weren’t sure how people would feel who are already invested in GoGoVerde. However it is now a moot point because yesterday I received an email from the GoGoVerde folks announcing that their site is shutting down on September 18.

So…let’s all get on Swidjit and help it reach a critical mass! Join here:

More about Swidjit from creator Alex Colket


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