Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Share Tompkins Featured in Tompkins Weekly’s Signs of Sustainability Series

Sustainable Tompkins curates a weekly series for the Tompkins Weekly newspaper and we were invited to write a piece about our work for the August 30-September 5 issue. Read the article: Part I, Part II or Download the PDF

Share Tompkins in Tompkins Weekly

Here’s an excerpt:
Bring what you can, take what you need. It’s a simple but powerful concept that inspired the formation of Share Tompkins in May 2009. Since then, the volunteer-run group has been organizing monthly events that enable people to share and barter goods and services from foraged mushrooms to massage and everything in between.

Community Swap Meets have been hosted in people’s homes and public spaces around Tompkins County, including Ithaca, Newfield, Trumansburg and Lansing. Open to anyone and everyone, the swaps are fun, social happenings that often include potluck food and live music. that might be too big or inconvenient to bring like lumber for a wood stove.


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