Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Help name a new sharing platform!

From Steve Austin:

We need your help choosing a name for our Share Network tool. What is a Share Network? A Share Network is a system where users can exchange goods and services in a currency other than money. Our system will allow users to sign up, name their Share Network, determine the value and unit of exchange of their currency and invite friends to join and start trading.

Some examples of possible Share Networks include:
* A community garden – members earn work credit, redeem for vegetables
* A Food Coop – members earn work credit for shopping privileges
* Community Organization – volunteers earn credits, redeemable for space rental
* Coffee Shop – customers earn rewards for bringing their own cup, redeemable for discounts
* Local dance studio – tracks attendance and offers reward discounts.
* Summer program – track credits earned from participation, redeemable for Popsicles.

Please help us narrow our choices and if you wish, enter another possible suggestion in the last option. Fill out the form online.

Thanks for your help!


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