Share Tompkins

Share Tompkins helps folks share and trade goods and services in Tompkins County, NY.

Share Tompkins Inspires Sharing Across the Atlantic

Check out this email from Andy in the UK!

Hi Share Tompkins People,

OK and very big hello from Malvern in the UK, I’m Andy and I’ve been very inspired by your local community group ( I’ve even quoted it in my dissertation) and have taken a great deal of inspiration from your site in setting up my own similar project where I live. The difference is mine is an experiment which although part of a degree course is still something I’m very much into. It’s based on just one small street where I live and seeing if a sense of community and neighbourly interaction can’t be given a boost. It’s a friendly enough place but nowadays people tend to keep themselves to themselves and it like were all afraid to mix for some strange reason.

And so the idea is to foster and grow a sense of community spirit , it’s only a little tiny thing in this big old world but I’m hoping it grows, point is I wanted to thank you for the inspirational site and things you get up to out there in Share Tompkins land.

It would be lovely to hear from someone as getting this community going is a bit like getting blood from a stone…Funny lot the English I think I’m an aberration from the norm!!

Andy Jones
Malvern, UK

…Onwards and Upwards

PS I’m the one with the big ears!

Check out the “Our Street” website.


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