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A generous landlord, a mortgage lender who fosters abandoned animals, and rescued horses needing new homes

Huffington Post is bearing witness “to the effects of the current economic environment on ordinary Americans” and this post is full of examples both beautiful and heartbreaking:

Rather than send his tenants — including small children — out on the streets, this former stockbroker-turned-savior landlord put himself back to work to cover their expenses out of his own pocket while they get back on their feet.

Animals are oft-overlooked innocent victims of the housing crisis. Families, sometimes unable to take their dog or cat with them when forced out of a home, sometimes leave their pets to die. Jodi Polanski, a mortgage lender and founder of Phoenix-area nonprofit Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, is pledging to save these animals by finding new homes and, in some cases, giving them medical help…

Detroit ABC News 7 highlights a horse farm forced into foreclosure and animals with nowhere to go. The farm is home to 31 horses — rescued after injuries, from slaughterhouses, and from negligent owners — who need new stables or face the worst. Many of the horses have health issues and are lucky to be alive at all, but now are left to the mercy of citizens who can adopt them.

Read the whole post here. How has the economy impacted you? Have you turned to the kindness of others yourself, or given generously to help your neighbors? Tell us your story in the comments.


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