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Volunteers and Supplies Needed for the August 29th Swap!

A week ago a bunch of us met to talk about Share Tompkins’ plans for the coming months. During the meeting we generated a list of volunteer opportunities and a supply wish list for the upcoming Community Swap Meet on Saturday August 29th.

This has the potential to be our biggest swap ever and to bring a lot of new people into our sharing circle, but we could really use some extra hands, energy and creativity to get the word out and help on the day of the event. Please take a look and contact me or comment at the end of the blog post if you can help out with any of the tasks or items. I’m also including stuff that people are already doing so you can get a sense of who is involved – thanks to those of you who have already volunteered! The event is officially from 1-7pm, so feel free to indicate if you want to volunteer for all or part of that time.

Our grand plan is to have the swap divided into multiple areas including give-away and barter areas for goods, a services area including on-site services like massage and mending, music and other entertainment, child care and tabling for community groups that help folks share locally. The lists follow – we will scale back if we don’t have enough hands.


Before the event…

  • Scouting/securing location – Shira, Danila – done!
  • Writing press release – Shira, Gwen – done!
  • Outreach to Press – Shira, Greg N. – anyone else have any contacts to local or national writers?
  • Outreach to community groups – Shira, Ari – anyone else want to reach out? we are striving for more diversity!
  • Online outreach on Facebook, Share Tompkins website, etc. – Shira – please invite your contacts on Facebook and via email!
  • Outreach to Farmers’ Market – Shira, Travis, Kenzie
  • Designing event poster – Shira
  • Making photocopies of event poster – Download and Distribute the Flyer!– Shira, Travis
  • Putting up event poster downtown – Stephanie H. – anyone else?
  • Putting up event poster on Cornell campus – Kenzie, Stephanie H. – anyone else?
  • Putting up event poster on Ithaca College campus – Travis
  • Putting up event poster in other towns in Tompkins County –
  • Dealing with legal issues such as creating a liability disclaimer and making sure it’s okay to have live music – Travis, Shira, Yana – any lawyers or event planners out there want to help with this stuff?
  • Booking live music and other entertainment – Ithaca Underground (not confirmed) – Marvin – anyone want to play music or entertain folks? anyone want to take the lead on coordinating this part of the event?
  • Reaching out to local sharing groups such as Ithaca Freeskool, Ithaca Carshare and Ithaca Hours to table at the swap – Shira
  • Making parking and pedestrian signs for the event –
  • Making signs for different sections of the event such as free, for barter, services, etc. –
  • Figure out where left-over items from the swap will be donated –

Morning of the event…

  • Overall coordination – Shira – anyone else want to help with the big picture stuff?
  • Putting up parking and pedestrian signs –
  • Setting up tables, tarps, tents – Ari will do the Share Tompkins table – anyone else?
  • Putting up event section signs –
  • Handing out flyers at the Farmers’ Market –

During the event…

  • Providing location – Cynthia – thanks!
  • Overseeing the Share Tompkins table, which involves inviting people to fill out have/want sheets, tracking how many people attend, answering questions, etc. – Ari – anyone else?
  • Overseeing childcare area –
  • Overseeing music –
  • Overseeing the free area –
  • Overseeing the for barter area –
  • Overseeing the services area –
  • Providing on-site services such as massage, mending, button-making, consultations, anything you want. You can do this for free, barter, pay, etc. –
  • Floaters who know what’s going on and can answer questions and help the other volunteers – Teresa – anyone else?
  • Press liaison, so far there is going to be a reporter from the Cornell Daily Sun – Shira
  • Taking photos and video – Shira – anyone else?

Immediately after the event…

  • General clean-up – Ari – anyone else?
  • Dropping off left-over items at pre-designated charities –
  • Taking down road signs –

Following the event…

  • Online documentation – Shira, Ari – I’d love for other people to share photos and stories about the swap!
  • Press follow-up – Shira

ITEMS NEEDED (the more the better, most will be returned):

  • Tarps – Stephanie H. – anyone else?
  • Tables – Stephanie H. – anyone else?
  • Chairs – Stephanie H. – anyone else?
  • Tents/canopies –
  • Paper –
  • Markers –
  • Poster boards for signs –
  • Big board for posting haves and wants –
  • Toys/games for childcare area –
  • PA System – Ithaca Area Poets are lending us theirs – thanks!
  • Name tags –

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and has volunteered to help out with previous and upcoming swaps! Contact me or comment below if you can help out with any of the tasks or items. I will update this blog post as slots get filled.

– Shira 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Volunteers and Supplies Needed for the August 29th Swap!

  1. I can also help set up the Share Tompkins table, and I’m happy to help clean up, too.

  2. Sean D on said:


    maybe worth including a link to the PDF of the poster on this post so folks can print it out and distribute.
    Looking forward to the event, I should have a lot of stuff!

  3. shiragolding on said:

    i added a link to download the poster. and here it is again:
    Download and Distribute the Flyer for the Next Swap

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